With leading companies worldwide

Our company in collaboration with the Spanish Brand House JBM offers you complete tool and equipment solutions for your garage. The Spanish Brand House of JBM has over 18 years of experience on the import field and promotion of products used in specific areas such as auto mobile companies, industries and garage houses. JBM works with us and expands the agenda of our company forcefully with credible solutions regarding any tool.

The specialists in the hydraulic system are here. We both offer you with the best solutions in the best possible Original Equipment Manufacturer quality. Products for over 28.000 models, and over 7.000 brake system and clutch compartments. We cover over 95% of all European vehicle types and we keep increasing our products’ portfolio for new vehicles in the market. FTE in collaboration with our company can fulfil every demand you may have. Delivery time for our products to you is from 24 to 48 hours. Maximum speed and quality service are defined under one brand name, and this is with our company, FTE.

We offer solutions in collaboration with the German company, specialized in truck high speed spare parts for trucks (especially Mercedes and MAN) for light professional vehicles (Sprinter, VITO & Transporter) and for passenger vehicles ( Mercedes, VW, BMW).

We cover and offer everything regarding the cooling system of every vehicle, both truck and passenger and for industrial use, in collaboration with the Danish company, which is one of the most well – known companies of manufacturing cooling systems. 

The German company Siegfried Templin GmbH & Co. KG, specialized in manufacturing and developing subsystems for trucks, lorries and light commercial vehicles with over half a century of experience, is here with us and can provide any solution with a full range of spare parts

Two brands, one assurance. Our company offers, in association with Optimal, offers the fullest range you will ever find in any store, in cars steering and suspension systems, under the guarantee of one of the biggest German brand houses with 6 factories in total. Moreover, Optimal constantly boosts its product range through its dynamic presence and manages to offer the most completed solutions of each vehicle in relation to the parts of suspension, steering and water pump.

Our company is the first one which provides solutions for truck vehicles and buses, for compact air pump system, cooling system, break system, in collaboration with the Spanish brand house Cojali with its guarantee of manufacturing and quality.

Our company in association with the Spanish Brand House AMC moves on upgrading its programme by bringing microparticles filters DPF for every vechicle type on antagonistic and advantageous prices. At the same time, the current agenda of cylinder heads and valves is enriched for the whole range supplied by our provider.

Dutch Power in the Clutch. Our company, in collaboration with the Dutch company KAWE, strengthens its product range in the Clutch System, with reliable and quality solutions at the most competitive prices on the market.

Having more than 60 years of experience in spare parts field, the German company of Monark Diesel GmbH offers quality spare parts according to market demands, specializing in manufacturing and distribution of spare parts for electric systems and gas input systems, for trucks and passenger vehicles and every type of machine.

Η Γερμανική Siegfried Templin GmbH & Co. KG με ειδίκευση στην κατασκευή και ανάπτυξη υποσυστημάτων για φορτηγά, νταλίκες και ελαφριά επαγγελματικά οχήματα με πάνω από μισό αιώνα εμπειρίας, είναι εδώ και προσφέρει λύσεις με μια πλήρη γκάμα ανταλλακτικών

FLENNOR, a German company, a member of “Walther Flender Group”, specialized in spare parts for machine timing (belts, strengthening belts and timing sets), steering systems, car rolling elements, windshield wipers, gas neck tubes, car heating tubes, sensors, car suspensions, and brake spare parts, completes and boosts our product lists with a huge range of products for all types of passenger and light commercial vehicles.

The credibility and the guarantee of an engine is vital to us. Our company started in 2018 its collaboration with NPR Europe GmbH. NPR is a Japanese manufacturer of piston rod springs, ball rod bearings and pistons. The cooperation of our company with the European department of NPR based in Germany, boosts the present engine list of our company and offers a range variety of choice for our partners.

In association with Ms Motorservice group our company offers completed solutions for the engine cluster, with a series of filters, pistons, car sleeve valves, springs and cylinder heads of Kolbenchmidt company which belongs to Ms Motorservice group. At the same time, we boost our product range by bringing a series of Importers and Exporters of TRW company and we offer completed solutions on the field of air consumption gas and engine electric parts in association with PERBURG. Moreover, in association with BF solutions are offered in cylinder heads, camshafts, crankshafts and car sleeve valves.