Lentzios P.- Minas P. General company

Lentzios P.- Minas P. General company


Lentzios P.- Minas P. General company, has been in action on the field of vehicle and motor spare parts for over 20 years. Its specialization in relation to its clientele, that is Military Armed ForceAir ForceNavy and Fire Department makes our company a top priority in service demand to meet their needs. We constantly improve our services, and we are always on the customer’s side. Our company develops itself on the field of general spare part products and ensures direct and fast service at any time, along with assuring its quality because it always develops the selling of original and after-market spare parts. In this way, we cover all demands for each vehiclebus and truck


With leading companies worldwide

In our company, our mission vision are defined by the values values coming through our partners’ consciousness and minds.


Our frank and direct behavior helps us to fulfil our promises.


We always become better and specialized in all fields, to come across with your needs and demands.


We invest everything in building trustworthy relationships with our partners empathizing with their problems.


We win with our clients for their own sake, because our clients are in the center of whatever we do and we develop ourselves with them, for their own sake.

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SINCE 2003


  • 2003

    The company entitled LENTZIOS PETROS AND CO. General Company is established with the aim of selling new and used spare parts and components for STEYER agricultural machines and motors.

  • 2004

    Official setoff of the company selling motor parts of military land force, and beginning of collaboration with air bases and air force factories.

  • 2007

    Company development and boost of spare parts agenda with total specialization in selling parts for every vehicle type and mechanical parts and engines for Military Land Force and Air Force.

  • 2010

    Introduction of collaboration with powerful Brand Houses abroad for import of spare parts with the aim of providing a full range of products, faster service and quality guarantee  to our customers and partners.

  • 2011

    Rebranding of company. New name is LENTZIOS P. – MINAS P. General Company and Introduction of new company logo.

  • 2012

    Introduction of partnership with Hellenic Navy and Fire Fighting Service.

  • 2015

    Company relocation in new facilities with new triple storage product space.

  • 2017

    Quality establishment and guarantee of high level of service offered to our partners establishes our company as one of distinguished firms on Armed Forces field with total expertise and specialization in field of selling spare parts for all vehicle types, motor types and army tank types. This is a fact which boosts our target network in Greece and abroad with collaborations with all branches and combats of Army Force.

  • 2018

    The company enriches its range of products with tools, batteries and lubricants for all types of vehicles, trucks and buses.

  • 2019

    Introduction of collaboration with National Emergency Aid Centre. The company is focused on general spare parts selling of every type of vehicles, trucks and buses. A dynamic presence which is forced by the increasing export company character along with a successful collaboration of high quality branch houses selling factory products and having a well known quality in after market service.