Fire department - National Center Aid Service

  • 20 January 2020
Project Description


Being always on the lookout to fulfil our partners’ needs and demands, and focused on ensuring the spare parts’ quality, our company offers credible solutions for maintenance of every vehicle of Fire Department. From STEYR to UNIMOG, and from JEEP to IVECO, we stand by our partners and we offer service of ensuring the credibility of spare parts given, for the strenuous hard job of Fire Fighting services. .


The development of the service given by our company opens a new chapter in the field of collaboration with one of the most demanding and crucial sectors of the Public services given, the partnership with the National Center Aid Service. The high quality and the demand for quick service needed has made our company a credible ally on the side of the National Center Aid Service offering solutions for all ambulances through our collaborative factories which ensure security in transition of patients through the quality they offer towards this function, as a choice of selecting genuine parts in the Center’s vehicles.

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